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I recently read the White Tiger and i cant see it winning a Booker. I know i am not qualified to judge a so called 'great' litereary work but after comparing it with the past books that have won the Booker i somehow find it lacking. There is no flow in the language, the plot is not great and it is sort of predictable. At the start of the book you get this sense that its building up to something but it kinda falls flat towards the second half of the book. The story is about a small town guy who through a series of events ends up killing his master who he was working as a driver for. The entire story is narrated through his series of letters to the Chinese premier. I am not a great story teller so summarizing it is kinda hard for me to do so if you really want to read this book go ahead but i would recommend reading a Rohinton Mistry book instead.

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